Security Tools

Our collection of Security Tools will help you protect your identity, privacy and security. Use our tools to check if your email address has been breached, and unshorten URLs before visiting suspicious sites.

Data Breach Check

Have I been pawned? Check if your personal data has been breached.

Unshorten URL

Do you have a shortened URL that you want to know where it lands without clicking on it?

SSL Checker

Check if a SSL Certificate is propertly installed and can be trusted.

Password Generator

Generate a strong password with letters, numbers and symbols.

URL Redirect Tracker

Trace a suspicious or malicious URL until no more redirection occurs.

Password Encryption

Use this tool to encrypt clear text into DES, MD5, SHA1 and Base64 formats.

Password Strength

Test your password strength to check how long it will take to crack.

IP Blacklist Check

DNSBL Checker will check your mailserver IP against known spam block list.

WP Scanner

Scan your Wordpress site for vulnerability and security threats.

Other Tools

We've put together a collection of domain, network and webmaster tools for developers and netizens. The tools are offered for ethical use only, and use of the tools to harm others are strictly prohibited. All available tools are free to use. You're welcome your suggestions and feedback on the tools we offer.

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