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Google introduced the PageRank toolbar in 2000. It was one of the best metrics used to gauge link equity value, but popularity comes with manipulators and Google retired the PageRank toolbar in 2016. The Open PageRank initiative was created to bring PageRank metrics back to reality. The PageRank data shown on this page is provided by the Open PageRank.

What is Pagerank?

PageRank is a proprietary algorithm developed by Google and used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. The PageRank algorithm uses a system of links between web pages to measure the relative importance or authority of a page.

The basic idea behind PageRank is that links from other websites to a particular page on the web act as "votes" for that page, and the more "votes" a page receives, the more important and authoritative it is perceived to be. The algorithm assigns a numerical value, or PageRank score, to each page on the web, based on the number and quality of links pointing to that page.

PageRank is just one of many factors that Google uses to determine the relevance and importance of a web page in relation to a user's search query. It is not the only ranking factor, nor is it the most important. Other factors such as the quality and relevance of the content on the page, the user's location and search history, and the website's overall trustworthiness are also taken into account.

While Google no longer publicly displays PageRank scores, the concept of PageRank remains an important factor in how search engines rank and evaluate web pages. Understanding the basics of PageRank can help website owners and digital marketers develop effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that can help improve their website's visibility and ranking in search results.

What is Open PageRank?

The Open PageRank initiative was a project launched in 2008 by a company called SEOmoz (now called Moz) as an alternative to Google's PageRank algorithm, which was proprietary and only available to Google.

The idea behind the Open PageRank initiative was to create a public and transparent PageRank algorithm that anyone could access and use for their own purposes. To do this, SEOmoz created their own PageRank algorithm, which they called "MozRank," and made it publicly available through an API (Application Programming Interface).

The MozRank algorithm works by analyzing the quantity and quality of links pointing to a website or page, similar to how Google's PageRank algorithm works. However, MozRank uses its own set of metrics and data sources to calculate a score, and it is not directly tied to Google's PageRank algorithm.

While the Open PageRank initiative was a popular alternative to Google's PageRank algorithm for several years, it was eventually discontinued in 2013, as SEOmoz shifted its focus to other products and services. Today, Moz continues to offer a range of SEO tools and services, but the Open PageRank initiative is no longer a part of their offerings.

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